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Project Description

ZSY Series Parallel Shaft Reduction Gearbox

ZSY series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Gear Speed Reducer is a three-stage involute cylindrical gear reducer, mainly used in the deceleration transmission of various mechanical equipment such as mining, metallurgy, cement, construction, chemical industry, light industry, etc. The workplace is vertically installed, the high-speed spindle speed does not exceed 1500 r / min, the working environment is + 40 ° C and 40 ° C-, and positive and negative operations can be performed.

1. The gear is made of high strength low carbon alloy steel through carburization and quenching. The hardness of tooth surface may reach to HRC58-62. All gear adapts NC tooth grinding process, high in accuracy and good in contact performance
2. High in transmission efficiency: single stage, more than 96.5%; double-stage, more than 93%; three-stage, more 90%;
3. Smooth and stable in run, low noise;
4. Compact, light, long life, high bearing capacity;
5. Easy to disassemble, inspect and assemble.

Cylindrical Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer Models Ratio

ZDY series

(1 Stage)

ZDY80, ZDY100, ZDY125, ZDY160, ZDY200, ZDY250, ZDY280, ZDY315, ZDY355, ZDY400, ZDY450, ZDY500, ZDY560 1.25~6.3

ZLY series

(2 Stage)

ZLY112, ZLY125, ZLY140, ZLY160, ZLY180, ZLY200, ZLY224, ZLY250, ZLY280, ZLY315, ZLY355, ZLY400, ZLY450, ZLY500, ZLY560, ZLY630, ZLY710 6.3~20

ZSY series

(3 Stage)

ZSY160, ZSY180, ZSY200, ZSY224, ZSY250, ZSY280, ZSY315, ZSY355, ZSY400, ZSY450, ZSY500, ZSY560, ZSY630, ZSY710 22.4~100

ZFY series

(4 Stage)

ZFY180, ZFY200, ZFY225, ZFY250, ZFY280, ZFY320, ZFY360, ZFY400, ZFY450, ZFY500, ZFY560, ZFY630, ZFY710 100~500

Metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, construction materials, hoisting, transportation,textile, paper making, food plastic, rubber, engineering machinery, and energy industry

ZSY630 reduction gear reducer
ZSY series cylindrical gear reducer dimension drawingZDY ZLY ZSY ZFY series gear reducer cooling system dimension