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Project Description

ZFY series Hardened Tooth Surface Cylindrical Speed gearbox

Cylindrical Gear Reducer includes 4 series. ZDY series (single stage), ZLY series (two stage), ZSY series (three stage), ZFY series (four stage). It is a drive mechanism of external mesh gear on input and output shaft in parallel. The major drive parts are made of high-quality alloy steel. The gear reaches the precision grade 6 (GBL0095-88) after it goes through carburizing, quenching and gear grinding. It features high carrying capacity, long service life, small volume, high efficiency and light weight. This series gear reducer is a basic component in the mechanical transmission.

1. Optional welding steel plate gear box
2. High quality alloy steel helical gears, carburizing, quenching, grinding, large load capacity
3. Optimized design, interchangeable spare parts
4. High efficiency, high reliability, long service life, low noise
5. Output shaft rotation direction: clockwise, counterclockwise or bidirectional
6. A variety of shaft configurations: single or double input and output shaft in one side or two sides
7. Optional backstop and lengthening output shafts

Cylindrical Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer Models Ratio

ZDY series

(1 Stage)

ZDY80, ZDY100, ZDY125, ZDY160, ZDY200, ZDY250, ZDY280, ZDY315, ZDY355, ZDY400, ZDY450, ZDY500, ZDY560 1.25~6.3

ZLY series

(2 Stage)

ZLY112, ZLY125, ZLY140, ZLY160, ZLY180, ZLY200, ZLY224, ZLY250, ZLY280, ZLY315, ZLY355, ZLY400, ZLY450, ZLY500, ZLY560, ZLY630, ZLY710 6.3~20

ZSY series

(3 Stage)

ZSY160, ZSY180, ZSY200, ZSY224, ZSY250, ZSY280, ZSY315, ZSY355, ZSY400, ZSY450, ZSY500, ZSY560, ZSY630, ZSY710 22.4~100

ZFY series

(4 Stage)

ZFY180, ZFY200, ZFY225, ZFY250, ZFY280, ZFY320, ZFY360, ZFY400, ZFY450, ZFY500, ZFY560, ZFY630, ZFY710 100~500

Metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, construction materials, hoisting, transportation,textile, paper making, food plastic, rubber, engineering machinery, and energy industry

Horizontal Mounted
Vertical Mounted

Oil Dip and Splash Lubrication
Forced Lubrication

Natural Cooling
Auxiliary Cooling Devices (Cooling Fan, Cooling Coils)

Product picture:

ZFY four stage parallel shaft speed reducerZFY type cylindrical gear box reducer dimension drawing