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Project Description

ZDY series Single Stage Cylindrical Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer

ZDY series (single-stage) hardened tooth cylindrical gear reducer is produced according to JB/T8853-2001 standard, the product is optimized design, parallel shaft arrangement. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, hoisting, transportation, cement, construction, print and dyeing, pharmaceutical, textile, chemical and other industries.

1. The gears are made with high quality low carbon alloy steel by normalizing and carburizing, the hardness of the gears reaches HRC58-62, the gears are made of grinding technology with high precision.
2. High transmission efficiency: single-stage over 96.5%, double-stage over 93%, three-stage over 90%.
3. Small size, light weight, high accuracy, high bearing capacity and long service life.
4. High reliability, smooth operation and low noise.
5. The main parameters such as center distance and transmission ratio are optimized design, and the main parts are great interchangeable, easy to disassemble and easy to install.
6. Generally use oil pool lubrication, natural cooling, when the thermal power is insufficient, it can be cooled by circulating oil lubrication, fan or cooling disc.

1. High speed shaft input speed of the reducer is not more than 1500r/min.
2. The circumferential speed of reducer gear drive is not more than 20m/s.
3. The working temperature of the reducer is -40ºC ~ +50ºC. When below 0ºC, preheat the oil to above 0ºC before starting.
4. The reducer can run in both positive and negative directions.
★D for single stage, L for two stage, S for three stage, F for four stage, Y for the use of hard-toothed gear steering regulations: equipped with backstop reducer only allows one-way operation, the steering regulations are: facing the output shaft, the output shaft clockwise operation for “S”, counter-clockwise operation for “N”. If you need long shaft series with backstop, please specify it at the time of order, if it is not specified at the time of order, it is considered to be made according to standard (sample).

Cylindrical Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer Models Ratio
ZDY series

(1 Stage)

ZDY80, ZDY100, ZDY125, ZDY160, ZDY200, ZDY250, ZDY280, ZDY315, ZDY355, ZDY400, ZDY450, ZDY500, ZDY560 1.25~6.3
ZLY series

(2 Stage)

ZLY112, ZLY125, ZLY140, ZLY160, ZLY180, ZLY200, ZLY224, ZLY250, ZLY280, ZLY315, ZLY355, ZLY400, ZLY450, ZLY500, ZLY560, ZLY630, ZLY710 6.3~20
ZSY series

(3 Stage)

ZSY160, ZSY180, ZSY200, ZSY224, ZSY250, ZSY280, ZSY315, ZSY355, ZSY400, ZSY450, ZSY500, ZSY560, ZSY630, ZSY710 22.4~100
ZFY series

(4 Stage)

ZFY180, ZFY200, ZFY225, ZFY250, ZFY280, ZFY320, ZFY360, ZFY400, ZFY450, ZFY500, ZFY560, ZFY630, ZFY710 100~500

Metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, construction materials, hoisting, transportation,textile, paper making, food plastic, rubber, engineering machinery, and energy industry

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