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LUAN FLYING MACHINERY CO., LTD is a leading Industrial transmission equipment supplier in China. We supply wide range of speed reducers, gearmotors, industrial reduction gearboxes, high voltage electric motors, etc. Our factory was established in 2000 and it is located in Lu’an, which is well known as the home of the gears and motors.

Our products adopt modular design with high strength, small volume, low noise, large output torque, stable starting, which is widely used in transmission fields, such as building and construction equipment, road machinery, hoisting and conveying machinery, port machinery, marine machinery, steel metallurgy, mining machinery, building material machinery, Environmental Protection equipment, wind power generation, tobacco machinery, printing and dyeing textile equipment, petrochemical industry, light industrial machinery, warehouse logistics, etc. We have ability to customize special gearbox as per customers’ requirements.

We will provide superior quality products, favorable price and best service for customers. You can choose FLYING series products transmission supermarket at any time!

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