ZFY series Hardened Tooth Surface Cylindrical Speed gearbox

ZFY series Hardened Tooth Surface Cylindrical Speed gearboxDescription:Cylindrical Gear Reducer includes 4 series. ZDY series (single stage), ZLY series (two stage), ZSY series (three stage), ZFY series (four stage). It is a drive mechanism of external mesh gear on input and output shaft in parallel. The major drive parts are made of high-quality alloy steel. The [...]

ZDY series Single Stage Cylindrical Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer

ZDY series Single Stage Cylindrical Parallel Shaft Gear ReducerDescription:ZDY series (single-stage) hardened tooth cylindrical gear reducer is produced according to JB/T8853-2001 standard, the product is optimized design, parallel shaft arrangement. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, hoisting, transportation, cement, construction, print and dyeing, pharmaceutical, textile, chemical and other industries.Characteristics1. The gears are made with high quality [...]

ZSY Heavy Duty Cylindrical Gear Speed Reducer

ZSY Series Parallel Shaft Reduction GearboxDescription:ZSY series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Gear Speed Reducer is a three-stage involute cylindrical gear reducer, mainly used in the deceleration transmission of various mechanical equipment such as mining, metallurgy, cement, construction, chemical industry, light industry, etc. The workplace is vertically installed, the high-speed spindle speed does not exceed 1500 r [...]

ZLY series Parallel Cylindrical Gearbox Speed Reducer

ZLY series Parallel shaft hard-toothed Cylindrical Helical Gearbox Horizontal Industrial gearboxProduct description:The reducers include 4 kinds of series: ZDY(single-stage), ZLY(two-stage), ZSY(three-stage), ZFY(four-stage). They are mainly used in metallurgy, mine, transportation, power, cement, building, chemical, textile and light industry.ZLY series 2 stages speed reducer has a good stability and can quickly adapt to different working environments. Furthermore, [...]

KZN series Parallel Shaft triple reduction bevel helical gear unit

KZN series triple reduction bevel helical gear unitFeatures:1) The unit structure design is adopted, and the specifications, main parameters, and transmission ratio all adopt the priority number system. The standardization and generalization of the parts are high, and the interchangeability is good, which is convenient for production and rapid delivery.2) The gear parameters are all [...]

SDN series Parallel Shaft Gearbox Reduction Gear Unit with Feet

SDN series Triple Reduction Helical Gear Unit with FeetCharacteristic:Using unit structure design, priority number system for specifications, main parameters, and transmission ratio, high standardization and generalization of spare parts and components, good interchangeability, easy to organize production and rapid delivery.The gear parameters are all new scientific research results optimized by the computer, so that the [...]

DBY series Right Angle Reduction Gearbox

DBY Hard Tooth Surface Cylindrical Gearbox Right Angle Reduction Gearbox Speed Reducer Description This product is an outer meshed involute helical tooth cylindrical gear speed reducer. It is widely applied to the fields of metallurgy, mines, hoisting, transportation, cement, architecture, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, etc. The suitable scope of speed reducer is [...]

ZQ/JZQ series Gearbox Speed Reducer

ZQ/JZQ series Gearbox Speed ReducerThe ZQ series reducer is a cylindrical gear reducer and a two-stage cylindrical gear drive. Widely used in lifting machinery, mining machinery and general chemical industry, its working temperature is -40C ° ~ +45C °, the input speed is not higher than 1500 rpm, the gear drive peripheral speed must not exceed [...]