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Project Description

1. Product Description
NGW series gearboxes consist of single-stage(NGW11-NGW121),two-stage(NGW42-NGW122) and stree-stage(NGW73-NGW123).

2.Product Characteristics
(1) Small volume, light weight, well-knitted structure, big transmission power and high load capacity. Compared with the ordinary cylindrical gear reducers of the same level, its weight is lower 1/2 and volume is only 1/2-1/3 of the former.
(2) High transmission efficiency. 1-stage is up to 97%, 2-stage 94%, 3-stage 91%.
(3) The range of transmission power is very wide, from 1kw to 1300kw.
(4) NGW Planetary Gear Units is designed with hard-tooth-faced, and can be used widely and in long period.
(5) Big transmission ratio.

3.Technical Data:

 Specifications Ratio Range   Input Speed(rpm)  Input Power (kw)  Output Torque (N.m) Model
 Single-stage  2.8~12.5  750~1500  2.8~1314  47736  NGW11~NGW121
 Double-stage  14~160  750~1500  0.7~517  902~47305  NGW42~NGW122
 Three-stage  180~2000  750~1500  0.16~47.1   2617~48096


NGW Planetary Gear Units is widely used in many areas such as metallurgy, mine, lifting, transportation, textile, cement, light industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, dye printing and so on. 

NGW planetary gear reducer