Y/YKS/YKK 10kV Medium-size High Voltage Motor

Y, YKS, YKK Series 10kV (H450~630) Medium-size High Voltage Motor Structure Characteristics: This series motors with box type steel structure, can be observed its interior after removing the cooler or protective cover, and easy to be installed and maintained; The cage structure rotor made by once forming process or copper strip rotor made by mid-frequency welding process, improve the reliability of the motor; Insulation class F stator made by VPI process, ensure the reliability of insulation, moisture-proof and shock resistance; Temperature senor for stator and bearing, non-stop oil filling pipe and oil exit pipe, improve the protection ability and operation efficiency of the motors. YKK series high voltage three-phase asynchronous electric motor is squirrel cage motor enclosed with an air-air asynchronous motor. Its base and cover made of steel plate, with box-type structure, opening the top cover can observe the motor case inside, all parts are [...]