Y/YKS/ YKK 6KV Medium-size High Voltage Motor

Y, YKS, YKK Series 6kV (H355~630) Medium-size High Voltage Motor Structure Characteristics This series motors with box type steel structure, can be observed its interior after removing the cooler or protective cover, and esay to be installed and maintained; The cage structure rotor made by once forming process or copper strip rotor made by mid-frequency welding process, improve the reliability of the motor; Insulation class F stator made by VPI process, ensure the reliability of insulation, moisture-proof and shock resistance; Temperature senor for stator and bearing, non-stop oil filling pipe and oil exit pipe, improve the protection ability and operation efficiency of the motors. Type Designation Y, YKS, YKK Series 6kV (H355~630) Medium-size High Voltage Motor Main parameters:Frame number: 355~630Rated voltage: 3kv/6kvRated frequency: 50HZRotation speed: 3000rpm, 1500rpm, 1000rpm, 750rpmPower range: 185~3150KWInstallation type: IMB3Protection class: Y series IP23; YKS, YKK series IP54/IP55Cooling method:  Y series IC401; YKS series IC81W; YKK series IC611 [...]